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Sports Massage

Munira Rasul

Munira Rasul

I have been a massage therapist since 2010 and qualified from the prestigious London School of Sports Massage in 2014. I trained in Structural Rebalancing in 2017 which looks at the body as a whole, taking into account postural imbalances and not just the symptoms of pain.

Clinical sport and remedial massage therapy combine general and deep tissue massage with specific stretching and muscle contraction techniques to improve muscle health. Myofascial release techniques work on the connective tissue wrapped around our muscles.

The benefits of a multi-therapy approach is very effective and is suitable for adults of all ages.

Sports massage is essential for treating repetitive strain and overuse issues, stress, injuries (sports and non-sports) and problems due to poor exercise technique such as:

  • Neck – tension headaches, stiff neck with limited range of movement
  • Upper shoulders – tightness and pain between the shoulder blades, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries
  • Lower back pain – also limited movement of sections of the spine
  • Hip pain, sciatic pain. Groin strain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle weakness & restricted movement, foot pain including plantar fasciitis
  • Arm, hand & wrist repetitive strain injury / carpal tunnel syndrome, including tennis and golfer’s elbow

For the regular gym user or sports person, this therapy can be used in conjunction with training to enhance performance, aid in recovery and reduce the potential for injuries.

The main benefits of clinical sport and remedial massage are:

  • Metabolic waste is eliminated more efficiently thus improving the health of bodily tissues in the long term
  • Formation of scar tissue post muscle tear or surgery is optimised through improving its extensibility
  • Adhesions and ‘knots’ in muscles and fascia are loosened, thus reducing pain and tightness. This can increase the range of movement in joints, creating more flexibility.

This therapy is suitable for over 16s.

Munira Sports Massage Fees

1 hour £50

Munira Sports Massage Hours:

Tuesdays 5 – 8 PM

Call 01737 818000

Sophie Whitford

Sophie Whitford

Sophie Sports Massage Fees

1 hour £60

30 mins £42

Sports Massage Hours

Mon 17.00 – 20.00
Tues 09.30 – 14.30
Wed 09.30 – 14.30
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